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Cybersecurity Returns can be huge e.g. Core Investors in FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) saw returns of 37,500% - $25K returned over $9 million, $50K over $18 million and $100K $37.5 Million 


 Earn 25%-100% Returns + Potential Huge Stock and ICO Gains 

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Valt.X Cyber Security, a Next Generation Cyber Security and Blockchain Company, develops products to cybersecure internet connected devices with absolute certainty. Placing a $2 million Crowdbuy Round.

Valt.X Crowdbuy Participants earn 25% to 100% Returns and opportunity for huge gains upon a Company Stock Market Listing or ICO. 

Non-Reseller Participants purchase our Patented innovative cybersecurity products at a 50% Discount and consign products for sale to commission only sales representatives - No personal selling is required. Participant earns a 50% Net Margin.

IT Channel Participants purchase our Patented innovative cybersecurity products at a 50% Discount and sell products to earn a 100% Net Margin.

 Access the IT Channel Crowdbuy program here    View Presentation Slide Deck Here

Manufacturer buys back any unsold product after 1 Year at 125% of Product Cost - That's Zero Losses.   

Company is seeking a North American Stock Market Listing and will offer Crowdbuy participants an opportunity to purchase Shares once listed for potentially massive gains. 

The 14 Technology Company's listing on The Canadian Securities Exchange in 2016 returned Gains of 150% to 1550% in less than 1 Year

Cyber Security Company's have shown massive longer term returns e.g. FireEye core investors saw returns of 37,500% - $25,000 investments returning over $9 million!!

Sample Stock Returns - Assuming Initial Price of $0.50 per Share

$5,000 10,000 $50,000 $100,000 $1,000,000
$10,000 20,000 $100,000 $200,000 $2,000,000
$25,000 50,000 $250,000 $500,000 $5,000,000
$50,000 100,000 $500,000 $1,000,000 $10,000,000

To Participate in Valt.X CrowdBuy or arrange a meeting or discuss Contact Dennis Meharchand, CEO at:  Cell: 416-618-4622; Online Credit Card Purchases can be done here ; Interac Email transfer payments accepted via Email to (Call to arrange answer to Security Question)

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  • In independent third party tests major competitors Anti-Virus products had failure rates as high as 100% while Valt.X products eradicated and neutralized all malware and hacker exploits including Advanced Persistent Threats.

  • Valt.X has developed patented technologies to cybersecure endpoint computers with absolute certainty - Our products include Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows Software and our semiconductor S-Chip based Cyber Secure Solid State Drives and PCI-E Desktop/Server Cyber Security Controllers 

  • We are developing CyberDome, a leading solution to Cybersecure PC's, Smartphones, Tablets, Internet of Things, Networking Equipment and Auto's with absolute certainty - preventing any malware, hacker attack or unauthorized applications from executing and preventing unauthorized data ex-filtration

  • Our BlockChain division is developing Cyber Secure Distributed Storage and Crypto Hardware Wallets

  • Our Core Cyber Security Products have been third party tested at the highest levels

  • Company is Launching the "Defend Now" campaigns starting with  DEFEND CANADA NOW and DEFEND USA NOW Campaigns to Cybersecure the estimated 400 million Computers in North America and 2 Billion Computers worldwide.

The Valt.X Cyber Security Crowdbuy Program:

  1. THE DO IT YOURSELF PROGRAM - Participants buy Valt.X Cyber Security Software Licenses at a 50% Discount and sell product themselves to make a 100% Profit; Example Purchase $5,000 get back $10,000. Customer leads referred from Defend Canada Now and Defend USA Now Campaigns. Re-sellers/Installers keep 100% of Installation and Service Charges.

  2. THE DONE FOR YOU PROGRAM - Participants buy Valt.X Cyber Security Software Licenses at a 50% Discount and assign products for sale to Independent Commission Salespeople  to make a 50% Profit; Example Buy $5000 - Sell for $10,000 - You get back $7500 for a $2500 (50%) Gain - Salespersons get paid $2500. When You enroll in the Done for You program everything is Done for You including contracting Independent Commission based Salespeople. We are aligned with Commission Crowd.

  3. MANUFACTURER BUYS BACK UNSOLD PRODUCT after 1 Year at 125% of product cost; You receive 100% refund on Product cost plus 25% for your efforts. We are that confident that all products will be sold.

Canadian Headquarters - IBM Innovation Space (Atrium), 3600 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario Canada 

USA Headquarters - AZ TechCelerator, 12425 West Bell Road, City of Surprise, Arizona