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You and Your Customers are being attacked and breached by Ransomware and other Malware. You know that the products you are using - Anti-Virus and Firewalls do not work. Now is the time for something new!!

CHANNEL PARTNERS - ENLIST IN THE DEFEND USA NOW CAMPAIGN: The United States of America is already engaged in an Electronic Cyber War. The FAKE Security of Anti-Virus Programs needs to be replaced in all computers. Valt.X provides The Best in Endpoint Cyber Security Solutions. Partners get 100% Product and Service Margins + Defend Canada Now/ Defend USA Now Campaign Leads Get involved Today. 

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Cyber Security markets are massive. It's about Cyber War, Cyber Crime, Cyber Espionage, Information Warfare and Cyber Terrorism. Legacy technologies such as Anti-Virus simply do not work. They provide FAKE Cyber Security. Valt.X Cyber Security, a Next Generation Cyber Security Company, develops products to cybersecure internet connected devices with absolute certainty. Our products are poised to disrupt the massive Cyber Security and Managed Desktop markets. All devices need to e truly secured to protect against a Cyber Armageddon, A Cyber 911, A Cyber Tsunami, A Digital Pearl Harbor where all computers in the country get wiped out. See Links for Product Information and the Defend USA Now and Defend Canada Now Campaigns to Cyber Secure all computers. 


 ENLIST IN THE DEFEND USA NOW AND DEFEND CANADA NOW CAMPAIGNS:   The Unites States of America is already engaged in an Electronic Cyber War. August 2018 - President Trump has revised previously issued administrative orders to allow US Departments to initiate cyber attacks against adversaries. We are recruiting Channel Partners to begin truly securing the Nation's computers and internet connected devices to prevent a Cyber Armageddon. All devices need to be secured.

STUNNING RETURNS:  Re-sellers purchase our Patented innovative Cyber Security products at a 50% Discount and resell products for a 100% gain. Re-sellers keep 100% of Service and Installation charges.

GROW YOUR BUSINESS: We refer leads from the Defend Now Campaigns to ensure 100% sale of products purchased. Grow your business with new referred customers. Just let us know what demographic of customer you want. 


Contact Dennis Meharchand, CEO at:  Cell: 416-618-4622;

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  • In independent third party tests major competitors Anti-Virus products had failure rates as high as 100% while Valt.X products eradicated and neutralized all malware and hacker exploits including Advanced Persistent Threats.

  • Valt.X has developed patented technologies to cybersecure endpoint computers with absolute certainty - Our products include Valt.X Cyber Resilience & Security for Windows Software and our semiconductor S-Chip based Cyber Secure Solid State Drives and PCI-E Desktop/Server Cyber Security Controllers 

  • We are developing CyberDome, a leading solution to Cybersecure PC's, Smartphones, Tablets, Internet of Things, Networking Equipment and Auto's with absolute certainty - preventing any malware, hacker attack or unauthorized applications from executing and preventing unauthorized data ex-filtration

  • Our Products have been third party tested at the highest levels

  • Company is Launching the "Defend Now" campaigns starting with  DEFEND CANADA NOW and DEFEND USA NOW Campaigns to Cybersecure the estimated 400 million Computers in North America and 2 Billion Computers worldwide.


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