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"The United States is facing A Cyber Armageddon where all of the computers in the country will be attacked and wiped out - We need to act now to truly secure our systems"   DNI, NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI 

 The Campaign to Cybersecure all Computers in Canada and The USA 

Valt.X Absolute Security for Windows Software from Dennis Meharchand on Vimeo.

Today, for the first time in human history, we have a technical opportunity to make billions of people safer around the world - It should be inspiring. Rodrigo Bijou - Governments don’t understand Cyber Warfare - TedX - Click to View Presentation

Admiral Michael Rogers - Will the USA experience a Digital Pearl Harbor ? - Yes we will - it's only a matter of time!! -

Governments, Foreign Militaries, Organized Crime and Cyber Terrorists are targeting our systems to steal our Intellectual Property, our identities, our personal information and attack our critical infrastructure. The losses are huge - We are already in an economic war and experts agree: 
Current computer protection technologies such as Anti-Virus Products and Network Firewalls simply do not work - tests show failure rates as high as 100% with Hackers having Command and Control of systems in 75% of the cases.

Experts agree that the attacks will come from within - from Computers already infected in the Country as Enemy Soldiers behind the lines. We need all citizens to truly secure their computers to help defend the Country against Cyber Warfare, Cyber Crime, Cyber Espionage and Cyber Terrorism threats.

Valt.X Cyber Security has developed patented proven technology to Cyber Secure computers with absolute certainty. Think You may have been attacked? Simply restart your computer - its fixed instantly!! Products include Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows, Valt.X Cyber Secure Solid State Drives and Valt.X Desktop and Server Cyber Security PCI-e Controllers.

In addition Valt.X is developing CyberDome - A leading edge technology designed to stop all malware, hacker attacks and unauthorized applications from executing in PC's, Smartphones, Tablets, Networking Equipment and Automobiles without a need to detect the attack!!

Watch Video Demo of Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows Here

ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK Anti-Virus software such as Symantec Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, ESET and Sophos simply do not work. Their signature and heuristic-based technologies are unable to keep up with the estimated 200,000+ new pieces of malware released daily.

THE MANDIANT TESTS: 1200 organizations using competitors Anti-Virus products were tested – 100% were already Breached – In 75% of cases the Hackers already had Command and Control.

Valt.X's patented non-signature, non-heuristic technology works differently - segmenting and locking down the systems boot drive to ensure that ALL attempted unauthorized changes are deflected and eliminated.

Mandiant tested Valt.X Software and Hardware products for 5 months and found that Valt.X Products Eradicated and/or Neutralized ALL malware including Zero Day and Advanced Persistent Threats and they could not defeat the Valt.X protection systems.

Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows Features:

Absolute Threat Protection: Providing absolute 100% protection against even the most sophisticated attacks that evade traditional security measures, such as Rootkits, zero-day attacks, and mutating spyware. Completely locking down the system boot drive so that absolutely no malware – known or new zero-day can penetrate its patented defense system. All attempted writes to the protected boot drive are deflected to a temporary change area and eliminated when the system is rebooted.

Sensitive Data is Encrypted, Hidden and Secured: An invisible/hidden secure encrypted data drive to store sensitive data. Even the operating system does not know that the Secure Data Drive exists until an authorized user opens the drive with a secure password. If your computer is stolen your data is protected.

No More Paying for Virus Cleanups: Users can surf any internet site and open any email attachment knowing with full confidence that Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows will protect them. 

No Need for Daily Patch Updates: Once installed, no daily updates are required eliminating the need for daily signature updates associated with traditional anti-virus products.

Patch Updates are Optional: In addition, OS and application security patch updates can be postponed as Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows provides all the protection needed.

Computers run faster: Traditional antivirus/anti-malware products bog down computers. With Valt.X system images are kept pristine and run faster.

Valt.X CyberDome Features:

Designed to Stop ALL Offensive Cyber Weapons, Malware, Hacker Attacks and Unauthorized applications from executing in a device - without a need to detect the attack

Manages Data Access Protecting against data theft and ex-filtration and

Is able to effectively defend itself from attack

Valt.X Cyber Security is a USA  and Canada Next Generation Cyber Security innovation Company 

Canadian Headquarters - IBM Innovation Space (Atrium), 3600 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario Canada  

USA Headquarters - AZ TechCelerator, 12425 West Bell Road, City of Surprise, Arizona