Valtx Cyber Security — Cyber Security - That Works

Detection and Monitoring products such as Anti-Virus simply do not work

There are Hundreds of Thousands of new malware variants every day - Ransomware compromises systems at will - Identity Theft is rampant - Even the most protected Government and Critical Infrastructure systems have been compromised for years.

Valt.X has developed software and semiconductor based products that work with absolute certainty. Think You have been attacked - simply restart your computer and Valt.X wipes out any malware that may have attacked your System Drive- Know that your system is malware free. 

Valt.X does not use detection or monitoring - We use a patented lock down architecture that simply works

"Anti-Virus is Dead - At best it only captures 45% of malware" Brian Dye, Senior VP at Symantec

 "Self healing computers is the next big thing in the fight against hackers"Philip D. Quade, Chief of NSA (National Security Agency) Cyber Task Force