Current Investment Opportunities - $10 Million Commercialization Round - Launching Defend USA/Canada Now Campaigns to secure all computers in USA and Canada

A) Accredited Investors $2 million - 4 million Shares at US$0.50/CDN$0.65 per Share 

B) CrowdBuy $10 Million: One Year Return 25%;   Anyone can participate 

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Placement Agents Welcomed 

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CrowdBuy One Page Introduction

Investment Opportunities (Presentation Deck)

Executive Summary    

Contact Dennis Meharchand, CEO at:  Cell: 416-618-4622

How it Works: Participants subscribe to the Valt.X CrowdBuy program purchasing Valt.X Cyber Security software licenses at a discount. Participants, The Crowd, Valt.X and its Channel Partners sells the licenses and Participants are paid their income. Any unsold inventory will be re-purchased by Valt.X at full price - given massive cyber security markets no unsold inventory is expected.

Participants do not have to sell anything but are encouraged to participate in the Defend Canada Now and Defend USA Now campaigns to cyber secure ALL computers in the country by introducing their contacts - estimated 35 million computers in Canada and 350 million in USA - NATO Program to follow

Valt.X plans on hiring up to 1,000 Full Time Sales Reps and is building a worldwide Distribution Channel - Managed Service Providers and Resellers welcomed

Purchases and Income earned are paid out in as little as one year or less

Participants directly selling the licenses purchased themselves earn an additional 25% and are paid within 30 days of receipt

ABOUT VALT.X CYBER SECURITY: Valt.X has developed software and semiconductor based products to cybersecure endpoint computers with absolute certainty; Valt.X is developing leading edge advanced solutions to Cybersecure PC's, Smartphones, Tablets, Internet of Things, Networking Equipment and Auto's

Canadian Headquarters Toronto, Canada   USA Headquarters City of Surprise, Arizona