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TARGET 10X in 6-12 Months 100X+ Longer Term  Company is seeking a NASDAQ Stock Market Listing. See Network Marketing Potential Returns at Bottom of Page - $5,000 per Participant 3X3 Matrix $115,000; $10,000 7X7 Matrix $670,000

The Valt.X Cyber Security CROWDBUY Program is a unique Business Opportunity. Participants Purchase High Margin, Patented Cyber Security products in bulk at a 50% discount; 

Sales are Outsourced to Commission Only Sales Reps - NO PERSONAL SELLING IS REQUIRED. Sales Reps earn a 25% Commission while CROWDBUY Participants earn a 50% Profit on each sale.

Minimum 25% Return: Participants get a 5% Advance Cash draw every 3 Months; Manufacturer buys back any unsold product at 125% of price paid for a guaranteed minimum return of 25%.

Company is seeking a Stock Market Listing and plans to offer CROWDBUY Participants an opportunity to purchase Shares for potentially huge gains - Target Return of 10X in six to twelve months and 100X+ longer term (2-3 years).

Anyone can participate. Outsourced Sales and Marketing Opportunity Available.

CYBER STOCK RETURNS CAN BE MASSIVE*   FIREEYE (NASDA:FEYE) $16.1B ROI 644X; SYMANTEC (NASDAQ:SYMC) $13.21B ROI 528X TANIUM $7.4B ROI 296X; CYLANCE $1.4B ROI 56X * Based on $25M Pre-Money Valuation and Current or Achieved Valuation.


Valt.X Cyber Security Products and Services


  • Valt.X Managed Desktop, Security, Backup and Privacy Services - includes Absolute Security, Remote Patch Management, Continuous Data Backup and Recovery, Internet Privacy - March 2019 Launch

  • Valt.X Absolute Security for Windows Software - with optional Remote Installation and Setup 

  • Valt.X Cyber Secure Solid State Drives - the only Cyber Secure Drives for PC's, Smartphones, Networking Equipment and Automotive in the world!! -Sampling April 2019

  • Valt.X CyberdomeA New technology Designed to Stop ALL Offensive Cyber Weapons, Malware, Hacker Attacks and Unauthorized applications from executing in a device - without a need to detect the attack


Cyber Security markets are massive. It's about Cyber War, Cyber Crime,  Cyber Espionage, Information Warfare and Cyber Terrorism. Legacy technologies such as Anti-Virus simply do not work. They provide FAKE Cyber Security. Valt.X Cyber Security, a Next Generation Cyber Security Company, develops products to Cyber Secure internet connected devices with absolute certainty. Our products are poised to disrupt the massive Cyber Security and Managed Desktop markets.  

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:   Contact Dennis Meharchand, CEO at:  Cell: 416-618-4622    

WE ARE HIRING: Referral/Network Marketing Partners, Sales Reps and Technical Support Staff  Wanted - Retail Service Opportunity - No experience required - all training provided

NETWORK MARKETING POTENTIAL RETURNS: Potential Earnings based on Personal Participation, a 2 Level Matrix of 3*3, 5*5, or 7*7, a 10% Referral Commission and a 10 Times Share Return 

Amount per Participant $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
Matrix 2 Level 3 5 7 3 5 7
# of Referral Participants 12 30 56 12 30 56
Referral Earnings 10X $60,000 $150,000 $280,000 $120,000 $300,000 $560,000
Personal Earnings 10X  $ 55,000  $ 55,000  $ 55,000  $110,000  $110,000  $110,000
Total Earnings $115,000 $205,000 $335,000 $230,000 $410,000 $670,000

*All Offers Valid Only where legally allowed