"ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK - We are asking all Canadians  to truly secure their computers by installing one of our groundbreaking cyber security products to help defend Canada against Cyber Warfare, Cyber Crime, Cyber Espionage and Cyber Terrorism threats. LET'S MAKE CANADA SECURE!!"                    

Foreign military's, governments, organized crime and cyber terrorists are targeting our systems to steal Intellectual Property, identities, banking information and attack critical infrastructure. The economic losses are huge - Not only do we experience personal losses, jobs are shipped overseas and Canadian companies lose their competitive advantage. 

Valt.X, a Canadian and US  cyber security innovation Company, has developed technology to lock down and secure endpoint computers with absolute certainty.

We are providing all Canadians an introductory 50% discount on Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows Software to protect both systems and data from compromise. 

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 Anti-Virus software such as Symantec Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, ESET and Sophos simply do not work. Their signature and heuristic-based technologies are unable to keep up with the estimated 200,000-plus new malware released daily.

Valt.X's patented non-signature, non-heuristic technology works differently - segmenting and locking down the systems boot drive to ensure that ALL attempted unauthorized changes are deflected and eliminated.

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Absolute Threat Protection: Providing absolute 100% protection against even the most sophisticated attacks that evade traditional security measures, such as Rootkits, zero-day attacks, and mutating spyware. Completely locking down the system boot drive so that absolutely no malware – known or new zero-day can penetrate its patented defense system. All attempted writes to the protected boot drive are deflected to a temporary change area and eliminated when the system is rebooted.

Sensitive Data is Encrypted, Hidden and Secured: An invisible/hidden secure encrypted data drive to store sensitive data. Even the operating system does not know that the Secure Data Drive exists until an authorized user opens the drive with a secure password. If your computer is stolen your data is protected.

No More Paying for Virus Cleanups: Users can surf any internet site and open any email attachment knowing with full confidence that Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows will protect them. 

No Need for Daily Patch Updates: Once installed, no daily updates are required eliminating the need for daily signature updates associated with traditional anti-virus products.

Patch Updates are Optional: In addition, OS and application security patch updates can be postponed as Valt.X Cyber Security for Windows provides all the protection needed.

Computers run faster: Traditional antivirus/anti-malware products bog down computers. With Valt.X system images are kept pristine and run faster.