Valt.X has developed software & semiconductor based products to cyber secure computers with absolute certainty. Our products eradicate or neutralize 100% of attacking malware from all threat vectors including zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats - keeping your computer systems safe and malware free. Website and Online Store by Valt.X Inc. - a Delaware USA Company.

An introduction to Valt.X and its products can be accessed here.

Our competitors signature based anti-virus/anti-malware products have high failure rates - unable to stop most of the estimated 250,000 new pieces of malware released daily, nor the more than 500 million known malware variants.

The patented Valt.X lockdown technology provides an absolute defense against all malware types and threat vectors while not degrading system performance. Users can surf any Internet site and open any email and attachment without fear of system compromise.

Our products are currently available directly to end users and via value added resellers. We anticipate that our products will be integrated by manufacturers into computers in the near future.

System Integrators install our products in Desktops, Notebooks and Servers to create cyber secure computers.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.