Valtx Cyber Security — Valt.X Cyber Resilience for Windows Installation and Setup Included

Valt.X Cyber Resilience for Windows Installation and Setup Included



INSTANTLY & AUTOMATICALLY DISRUPTS AND RECOVERS COMPUTER SYSTEMS FROM RANSOMWARE, MALWARE AND HACKER EXPLOITS WITH EVERY REBOOT ELIMINATING DOWNTIME AND SYSTEM RECOVERY COSTS!!Detection and Response Solutions are unable to stop 100% of new Ransomware, Malware and Hacker Exploits. With an estimated 200,000 to 500,000 new malware variants released each day their detection based technologies simply do not work

Valt.X Cyber Resilience for Windows tracks and eliminates any changes to the systems boot drive (C: Drive) upon system reboot ensuring that the system boots with a known authorized image

Think You have been attacked? Simply Restart your Computer - it's Fixed!!

When legitimate changes are needed an authorized administrator or computer owner can unlock the Valt.X protected boot drive, make changes and then lock the drive again

Computer users can be assured that their computer system boots each and every time with a known authorized image 

No More Paying for Ransomware, Virus, Malware and Hacker System Cleanups 

Computers run faster with pristine images 

PRICING: SUBSCRIPTION ValtX Resilience for Windows $50 Annually + Remote Installation and Setup $40 One Time Charge