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Microsoft - Consumers including Children and Seniors targeted

Microsoft has partnered with two international justice agencies to help combat cyber crime.Read more: Valt.X Technologies, with its innovative Abslute Security for Windows and S Chip product lines is leading the way in securing and ensuring the integrity of computing devices.

Homeland security subcommittee approves Protection Act of 2013

Homeland security subcommittee approves the National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act of 2013. Click here to access article at Government Security News. See our Resources page for Information on Valt.X and the technology Valt.X has developed to ensure endpoint computing device integrity

AV |Comparatives Proactive Test 2012

 Anti-Virus Comparatives ( conducted a Scan+Heuristics+Behaviorable test ( ) with 4,138 new malware samples collected March 2nd 2012 (1 day). Failure rates of Anti-Virus products tested varied from 124 samples to 2,027 samples. Over 100,000 new malware samples are released daily - if all samples were tested failures could range from 3,000 pieces of malware infecting the test systems to 49,000 pieces of m...

NSS Labs AV Test Q3/2012

Traditional Anti-Virus Suites are unable to stop all known malware let alone the tens of thousands of new malware released daily - The failure rates are alarming. In Q3/2012 NSS Labs tested 13 popular endpoint security suites to measure their effectiveness in protecting Windows computers against exploits. All of the vulnerabilities exploited during this test have been publicly available for months (if not years) prior to the test, and have also been observed in use on the Internet. We expec...