AV |Comparatives Proactive Test 2012

 Anti-Virus Comparatives (www.av-comparatives.org) conducted a Scan+Heuristics+Behaviorable test (http://www.av-comparatives.org/images/docs/avc_beh_201207_en.pdf ) with 4,138 new malware samples collected March 2nd 2012 (1 day).

Failure rates of Anti-Virus products tested varied from 124 samples to 2,027 samples.

Over 100,000 new malware samples are released daily - if all samples were tested failures could range from 3,000 pieces of malware infecting the test systems to 49,000 pieces of malware - it takes just ONE failure to compromise a system.

On a yearly basis this could translate to 1 million to over 17 million infections on your computer!!

Market Leaders Failure rates:

PC Tools by Symantec 18.2%

Avast 13%

AVG 17%

Microsoft 23%

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