NSS Labs AV Test Q3/2012

Traditional Anti-Virus Suites are unable to stop all known malware let alone the tens of thousands of new malware released daily - The failure rates are alarming.

In Q3/2012 NSS Labs tested 13 popular endpoint security suites to measure their effectiveness in protecting Windows computers against exploits. All of the vulnerabilities exploited during this test have been publicly available for months (if not years) prior to the test, and have also been observed in use on the Internet.

We expect that failure rates on the tens of thousands of new malware released daily will be much higher.

Access NSS Labs Report here: https://www.nsslabs.com/system/files/content/report/files/2012_EPP_CAR_Consumer_Exploit_Protection.pdf


Anti-Virus Failure Rate
Total Defense 65.5%
Panda 61.2%
Norman 57.8%
F-Secure 55.2%
Microsoft 47.4%
Avira 35.3%
McAfee 34.5%
Trend Micro 30.2%
ESET 29.3%
AVG 26.7%
Symantec Norton 25.9%
Avast 18.1%
Kaspersky 7.8%


  • Most vendors lack adequate protection against exploits
  • Keeping AV software up-­‐to-­‐date does not yield adequate protection against exploits, as evidenced by coverage gaps for vulnerabilities several years old.

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