Botnet Twists the Knife in iCloud Security

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This post from TechNewsWorld serves as a reminder how easy it is to string together an attack, this on directed at iTunes users...


Hot on the heels of hackers stealing celebrities' nude photos from their iCloud accounts and posting them on the Web comes news that iCloud users are being targeted again -- this time by a botnet.

The Kelihos botnet is sending emails purporting to be from Apple, informing targets they have purchased the film Lane Splitter through their iTunes account using a PC or other device not previously linked to their Apple ID, Symantec reported. It asks them to provide the ID information.

The timing of the campaign may not be a coincidence, Symantec said. The controllers of the botnet could be exploiting public fears about the security of Apple IDs to lure people into surrendering their credentials.

This is not the first such attack on Apple IDs, Symantec noted.

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